Some training videos are relatively simple. If you need to train people to climb telephone poles, how to administer medications or fix a garbage disposal, a step-by-step video is just the thing. We’ve made videos like these for many clients.

We also have experience producing videos in foreign languages and with closed-captioning and 508 compliance on DVD, mobile devices or web video.

Since our breadth of training experience goes beyond video, we understand how to integrate your training with print and eLearning support. The eLearning component enables the user to test their knowledge as they move through a module and can give employers the tools to track and certify their employees.

SOBO trains by using video, interactive media (including the Internet), and print. We have produced train-the-trainer and “What Good Looks Like” productions that really demonstrate valuable sales tips to teams.

SOBO has the experience to help you deliver your training on a variety of platforms:

  • Web
  • DVD or CD
  • iPod or other mobile device
  • Print