As a media professional, I work hard to understand the social media and web communication options that I want to plant and watch grow. I created this chart to try to get a handle on what media tools were worth the time and effort for SOBO and my clients.

Remember, every social media platform you choose will take some work to be a benefit. You need to schedule time to feed and weed your garden to insure it’s worth your effort.

The social media landscape is changing at lighting speed. This is my 1000-foot view. I’m very interested in discussing this topic so please jump in with your thoughts and comments.

Social Media Pros Cons
  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Can make groups (pages) private or public
  • Can have a business page
  • Powerful advertising options to targeted audience / area
  • Easy to link to other social media
  • Interactive conversation
  • Multimedia – video, photos, links, articles, etc.
  • Must have a Facebook account to interact
  • “casual push” of content – must be in Facebook  (NewsFeed) to see threads that user has not commented on
  • Can’t search content threads
  • Need to work to understand and control the personal information you share with the public
  • Free
  • They handle the hosting, streaming of video files (huge benefit)
  • Can get analytics of who’s watching
  • Uses keywords and helps with SEO for website
  • Owned by Google
  • Can create Channel and Playlists
  • Easy to integrate into other social media and website
  • There’s so much content it’s hard to stand out
  • Need a gmail account
  • Difficult to change account owner
  • Powerful professional networking tool
  • Facebook for professionals
  • Free, but can also upgrade for more features
  • Recommendations can validate you professionally
  • Can link to your website and portfolio
  • Helps you reconnect with contacts
  • Shows up well in search engines
  • Takes some time to get your profile up to speed
  • Need to be comfortable with the information you are sharing with the world
  • Free
  • Can be linked with other social accounts like LinkedIn
  • Easy to push out statements and links
  • Need to be concise
  • Really like it in live/event situations to enable interactivity with audience
  • Has it’s own shorthand
  • Limited number of characters means you have to be REALLY concise
  • Analytics are not built in
Newsletter (Constant Contact, iContact, etc.)
  • “Push” content to email list
  • Can track hits
  • Delivers email to users account
  • Not interactive
  • Monthly charge ($10)
  • Need to set up layout and design
  • Can be tricky to program
Newsletter (Basic email blast)
  • Free
  • Easy to use


  • Anything over 100 names is considered spam by email host
  • Free
  • Unlimited users to blog
  • Lots of templates
  • Looks like website
  • Can use your URL or theirs
  • Can choose if visible to everyone or private
  • If public, search engines crawlers will promote awareness
  • Archiveable
  • Searchable
  • RSS feeds
  • Interactive – others can comment on subject
  • Can create categories to organize conversations
  • Statistics & tracking
  • Can add users as contributors and administrators
  • Can link with Facebook  & Twitter
  • Aps available for iPhone & Blackberry
  • Bit of a learning curve to learn how to set it up