Online Learning


Demonstration of Business Processes for Walden University course

Depiction of building “buy-in” for a Walden University business course about project management

We’re lucky to live in an age where we can learn the way we want to. On an iPod, iPad or DVD. Blended with personal instruction. At our own pace.

Our latest production, Positively!, was produced for Baltimore City’s Department of Health and delivered at the end of February 2014. It provides critical HIV patient education and has received national acclaim.

In 2012 SOBO began a partnership with Corsum Consulting to develop fully online business leadership training, The Corsum Academy. The first course, Next Generation Leader, is a one-year eLearning program that includes 5-6 lessons a month and combines video, interactive assignments, YouTube videos, discussion forums and quizzes to train business leaders to groom the next generation. To see a sample of Next Generaltion Leader click here!

SOBO has also provided eLearning programming for the healthcare industry, including clinical pathological conferences, how-to training for the administration of drugs and the proper use of medical devices, employee webinars, sales and certification training, and virtual preceptorships.

SOBO has produced computer-based and web-based learning for inclusion in LMS course curricula. Here is a sampling of the companies who have relied on us to increase their knowledge-sharing capacity.