JHU AAP Case Study

Johns Hopkins Advanced Academic Programs YouTube Channel

When Suzy Shaw began working with JHU’s Advanced Academic Programs, the online Masters level arm of JHU, there was a limited use of Web 2.0 technology and multimedia. A year and a half later, they can now boast the following accomplishments:

  • YouTube Channel, that has been upgraded to allow for full-length lectures
  • Streaming Flash Sever giving them the ability to show presentations by faculty reliably with integration into their current Learning Management System (Sakai) and future LMS (Blackboard)
  • Live Streaming capability for events and important lectures
  • iTunes University presence with lectures available for students and the public
  • Continuity of branding in external multimedia communication
  • A multimedia process for reliably creating streaming presentations for faculty¬† that can be implemented by student workers
  • Research and identification of a media repository that can be integrated into the LMS; Project Management – education of potential educational partners across JHU, working to build coalition across potential partners, interfacing with the vendor (Kaltura)