Welcome to 2012! Now is the time to get excited and brainstorm ways to improve your business. The best way to do that is a marketing plan. You may think to yourself, “How can I do that, I have thought of everything.” 😉 Well here is SOBO’s quick list of New Years Resolutions:

  • LinkedIn — Keep your personal profile up to date and create a company profile too.
  • FacebookCreate a Page for your business. If you are worried about confusing your personal and business personae, create a new Facebook account to use professionally.
  • SEO — Review your website with an eye towards Search Engine Optimization. Know your core keywords. A good place to start is Google’s Key Word Tool Box.
  • Capabilities Statement — Know what you do well and shout it out! We’ve created a PDF of our capabilities and our New Years Resolution is produce our own video version. Here’s one we produced for Honeywell:

  • Blog — Remind your customers of your expertise (like we’re doing now). This doesn’t have to be too time consuming. You can record your blog content into your phone and email it to a writer (or SOBO of course) to turn into a blog. Blogging is one of the best “organic” ways to update your website and increase your traffic.
  • Be Creative — We recently heard of a CEO who sends a short (30 seconds or less) personalized to prospective employees after their interview using his computers build in camera. “Hey Sally, Thank you for coming into today. I know you meet with Stan, Katie and Thom. They were very impressed. We hope you consider our company a good fit for your skills. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon.” Imagine the impact of a quick personal video message after a sales call!

Of course if this all seems a bit overwhelming, there’s no need to panic…SOBO’s ready to help you exceed your New Years Resolution.

Here’s to a successful 2012 and have a magnificent New Year.