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Positively! HIV Patient EducationCritical HIV Education

“The HIV Multi-Media Education Program you created for us exceeded all expectations, and speaks for itself. I shared the MMEP with one of our consumers, who wept when he saw it.”

~ Evelyn Bradley, DrHP, Baltimore City Health Department (retired)

SOBO won the contract to produce Positively!, an HIV eLearning program for Baltimore City’s Department of Health just before Christmas 2013. Due to the city’s budget restrictions the entire project had to be delivered by the end of February, just two months. Talk about hitting the ground running! Positively! is a critical HIV education tool for Baltimore City and the world. It has been accepted by the American Public Health Administration’s 2014 Film Festival and it will be showcased at the APHA Annual Meeting in the fall.

Please click on the image above to learn more about Positively! To read Evelyn Bradley’s entire letter of recommendation click here.