Getting off to a great start.

SOBO will help make sense of the all the optionsWe take our role as consultants seriously and consider it the most valuable service SOBO has to offer. It’s tempting to get seduced by all the new marketing and communication tools and rush to incorporate them without thinking it through.  That’s where we come in. Over the past 20 years, our approach has remained straightforward and uncomplicated: Consult, Create, Communicate. First and foremost, we consult with you to understand what you want to achieve: who is your audience, what is your message, what is your call to action? We take a look at your current assets, (e.g. branding, websites, marketing material) with an eye toward punching up the messaging, and aligning it to your differentiators. We evaluate the competition and craft marketing strategies (internal and external) that play to your strengths and set you apart, above the rest. Then, we create a communication plan that may call for revamping a website, creating marketing videos, leveraging social media, producing online webinars, creating online training courses and/or other communications support. Finally, we execute to plan and relentlessly communicate, using surveys and analytics to monitor effectiveness.