About SOBO Productions

Interview with Bob Dole for The Chimes ~ 2014

SOBO Productions closed in 2015. Suzy Shaw was the owner and force behind the company. Her mission was to partner with clients to design campaigns that emotionally connect with audiences. Whether iit was increasing lead generation and sales, building brand awareness, eLearning and training, or fundraising for nonprofits, she craft multi-platform communication strategies that win hearts, change minds and deliver results.

SOBO, named after our original neighborhood (South Baltimore), formed in 1991 by Suzy Shaw. We are proud of the products and services SOBO has provided to our customers for more than 20 years.

Judging from the scores of loyal and repeat customers and the many awards we have won, we believe we’ve earned the right to be called one of the leading communications companies in the Washington-Baltimore area and beyond.

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